Balloons, Blossoms, Ballet: A Dance of Friendship

(Photography by Denisio Truitt)

There are friendships. There are girlfriends, there are best friends, there are acquaintances.  And then there are those relationships that transcend such conventional labels. How can I possibly describe my bond with Alex? My little sister I always dreamed of having? My Astro-mate? My muse?

Inspired by my business partner and friend Krystin’s tutu, Alex and I came up with this concept for a shoot. I knew I wanted to do something against the time-sensitive cherry blossoms and she knew she wanted to be photographed in tulle. So I made a skirt, bought some pastel balloons and we made our way to the Tidal Basin on Wednesday.

Apparently 20,000 other people had the same idea. Being an introverted Leo, crowds are not my thing.  Trying to weave back and forth between the sea of people, finding empty spots to shoot, fighting for daylight proved to be a task but we got it done.

In true random fashion we ended the day having dinner, laughing over youtube videos, girl talk, and lambic. Afterwords in the quiet of my home I realized something our friendship when I looked over the photos. Alex places a sense of calm in my chaotic life. While the world is moving and talking and shuffling through the cherry blossom route she stands, serenely, confidently, unmoved. Such is our friendship. 

And so I dedicate this series of photos to all friends. Share it with them. Let your sisters and brothers know how much joy they bring to your life. Yes, its mushy but do it! I hear so many times on Instagram about all the friendships gone wrong, so after reading this, get your phone and tell your true friends how much you love and appreciate them.

Here’s to Friendship :-)

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