NEW HAIR, Don’t Care! 

(photography by Krystin Hargrove)

Sometimes you just need a change.

I recently made the decision to grow my hair out. After having a low cut for about two years I’m ready to grow the bush back. I’ve been looking for a few protective styles for the summer so when TreBella Wigs approached me with an opportunity I had to take snatch it! Get it? Snatch wigs? No? Ok….

I explained to the lovely Stacy at TreBella that it was important that I have something that mimicked my real hair in texture and curl pattern. I don’t mind wearing fake hair and telling the world that it isn’t mine, but I’d prefer it to be as close to my natural, unprossesed texture as possible. So, she teamed up with the company KinkyCurlyYaki; they use hair that ONLY mimics Afro hair, which I love. Their motto: “Say NO to African in the front and Indian in the back!” DEATH.

My unit arrived in a BEAUTIFUL box smelling all fresh and clean. The hair is  so soft and manageable, its almost scary how it doesn’t tangle. No excessive shedding. Its BIG hair and require work, but its well worth it. I love how the curls are extra tight on the bottom and looser on the top….just like my real hair! I decided to sew the unit down over my cornrowed hair. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but that’s pretty much what I’ve always done with wigs.

I’ve been feeling sassy so I took a load of pics this weekend, and I’ll be posting pics as I experiment with twists outs, braid outs…..etc.

Be sure to support both companies and like them on facebook! Support black-owned hair companies, especially those that encourage natural hair growth and maintenance!

Sidenote: the dress in the picture will be available in the 8 Vintage Etsy shop very soon!

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